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Reworking QFNs with PDR

QFN ReworkApplication Matrix

PDR’s IR series of SMD/BGA  rework stations are engineered to cope with the challenges of repairing today’s PCB assemblies. The systems use PDR’s patented Focused IR technology, the world’s only technology that uses Focused Visible IR Heating. The light that heats. The stations are all nozzle free, gas free, clean, simple and easy to use.  Each model is designed for precise control to produce 98% yield of your SMD/BGA rework without complications.

To effectively rework QFNs, in addition to the considerations for BGA rework (see SMD/BGA Rework) we need to pay particular attention to the following issues,

PCB Preheating - in micro applications the heating needs to be especially condensed to a small area to be effective
Component Handling - micro components are difficult to manipulate, increased vacuum and micro-adjustments are needed
Machine Vision - both alignment and process observation systems need to be especially effective with magnification and illumination
Solderpaste Application - Componet Print Frame (CPF) allows the application of solder paste for effective QFN soldering.

WHICH PDR SYSTEM? E3M - Whilst still being able to cope with standard SMDs and BGAs, the best PDR system for QFNs is the new E3M dealing with up to 18" PCBs but with special attention to working on smaller applications and also CPF capability.  The D3 series systems offer the ability to provide excellent soldering quality on a lower budget, with slightly simpler mechanics and features.

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