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SMD and BGA Rework

SMD BGA ReworkApplication Matrix

PDR’s IR series of SMD/BGA  rework stations are engineered to cope with the challenges of repairing today’s PCB assemblies. The systems use PDR’s patented Focused IR technology, the world’s only technology that uses Focused Visible IR Heating. The light that heats.

The stations are all nozzle free, gas free, clean, simple and easy to use.  Each model is designed for precise control to produce 100% yield of your SMD/BGA rework without complications.

To effectively rework SMDs and BGAs, we need to control the following....

  • Materials - Solder, Flux, ESD, Contamination, Humidity
  • Mechanical Handling - PCB and Component
  • Thermal Process - during removal and replacement soldering of devices

The outcome of our rework output ultimately will be affected by to what degree we control the above. Precision and tight process control are the key and will cost money but also need to be balanced with our budget.

WHICH PDR SYSTEM? All of our systems will be able to rework SMDs and BGAs. The E series are our top systems with the E6 coping with server PCBs up to 26" and the E3 dealing with smaller 18" PCBs. The C3 series systems offer the ability to provide excellent soldering quality on a lower budget, with simpler mechanics and features.

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