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NEW IR-E3M Micro Component Rework Station

PDR IR-E3M Micro

PDR is pleased to announce the PDR IR-E3M Micro Component/PCB Rework System. In response to customer demands for ultra-precision micro-rework, PDR has taken its popular Focused IR E3 Evolution Series Rework Platform and further enhanced it for extreme micro-rework applications. In addition to general-purpose applications, the IR-E3M’s thermal, mechanical and optical features are all precisely engineered to easily deal with micro components and micro PCBs.

This system is absolutely ideal for micro component PCB rework without complications, one of three versions that make up the IR-E3 Evolution Series of SMD/BGA Rework Stations. In addition to the 2250w micro-PCB preheater, a 750w electronic Thermo Boost is included along with dual non-contact, closed-loop thermal control. High-magnification vision assisted component alignment, pick-up and ultra-fine placement complete the micro-process handling in addition to micro part component nesting and universal micro PCB palletization tools.
Put simply, the system can pick and place micro components or large BGAs and reflow small or large boards with precision and control. The PDR IR process is simple, safe and gentle. Precise control prevents burning or damage to materials. PDR can visually show the process, record it and repeat it precisely every time. Anyone can learn to use these systems and they are affordable.

The PDR IR-E3 systems are available in three models – IR-E3S Standard, IR-E3G Gold and IR-E3M Micro Component/PCB Rework System – each configured perfectly for their respective roles. The IR-E3 series provides extremely high levels of profiling and process control necessary for the effective rework of the most advanced packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, LEDs, Flip-chips, 0201-01005s and all lead-free applications.

Each of the E3 Series rework systems use the same principals of PDR’s Focused IR technology, first introduced in 1987. More than 4,500 systems are now in use worldwide.

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