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Reworking LEDs with PDR

PDR HotPlateLED ReworkApplication Matrix

PDR is pleased to introduce its new contact heater tooling for LED rework, flex circuit rework and aluminum clad circuit card assemblies.

Designed to be used on PDR’s IR-E3/E6 Series of Focused IR Rework Machines, PDR’s new Hot Plate series incorporates all of the best attributes of PDR technology into a contact heating system, thereby efficiently providing the thermal energy necessary to tackle the widest range of applications possible.

Upon mounting the Hot Plate of your choice into PDR’s Standard PCB Fixturing System and initiating the profile, the system begins to gently heat the substrate material together with PDR’s Thermal Active Suite Profile Management System. Component removal/placement and temperature control is performed utilizing PDR’s standard mechanics and software system.

The Hot Plate series can be ordered separately or during the initial purchase of a PDR system and comes with a two-year warranty. Either use PDR’s standard IR quartz emitter preheat technology for non-contact PCB heating or incorporate PDR’s contact heating technology as the situation demands, offering you the flexibility to address a wide range of applications with just one PDR rework system. PDR offers solutions for LED rework, flex circuit rework and aluminum clad circuit card assemblies (CCAs) for the automotive, aerospace, industrial and military sectors.

WHICH PDR SYSTEM?  All of our systems, fitted with the temperature controlled hotplate preheater will be able to rework LEDs. The E series are our top systems with the E6 coping with server PCBs up to 26" and the E3 dealing with smaller 18" PCBs. The D3 and C3 series systems offer the ability to provide excellent soldering quality on a lower budget, with simpler mechanics and features.


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