Is PDR's IR Technology Safe? Do we need eye protection?


Extensive tests have been conducted covering both Electrical and Infra-Red safety aspects on all of PDR's products. The tests were administered by a National Physical Laboratory-approved establishment:  ERA based at Leatherhead, Surrey, England.


The Infra-Red system was tested for its maximum emission produced during working operation and the following results were obtained:

On a non-reflective surface, i.e. FR4 substrate, if one's eye is placed 150mm away looking down at an angle one could be subjected to approximately 0.9mW/cm2 at full power.

On a reflective surface, i.e. polished aluminium at a normal distance of 300mm, one would be subjected to approximately 0.9mW/cm2.


These levels are about 10% of the maximum recommended.....It was very hard to establish this because there are no European/US regulations that cover it. They cover Laser...but this is not laser technology.

Also, IR is not a 'ionizing' radiation and is not causing cancer or anything like that. The IR source is very similar to a Tungsten-Halogen display lamp. Any discomfort could be due to the doesn't bother many people but it possibly could.