Do you have an automated system?

Yes and No.

Yes - PDR Software offers many automated and semi-automated profiling features to assist the user when creating and executing profiles. Automatically Create new profiles easily with PDR Thermo-Active Suite Software and run daily profiles with PDR's Dynamic In Process Control Capabilities. PDR Systems' intelligent software capabilities allow novice users to master the profiling process quickly and easily.

Fully Automated Rework.

PDR believes that a Rework System should offer the customer the option of both a manual process as well as the option for an automated process to provide the greatest degree of flexibility in a single rework system. This concept is also applied to upgrading our Rework Systems from manual to automated should a customer initially choose manual mechanics, yet later decide to upgrade to automation mechanics.

Good News for Rework Professionals is about to arrive!  Imagine a Rework System that gives Your Team the Flexibility Advantage in any environment!  Coming in 2021 is PDR Rework System Automation, specifically conceived to provide greater control over your budget, your time, and the need to address new and challenging rework tasks. Stay tuned for this exciting new development as PDR releases new systems in 2021.