Do we need regular service or maintenance?

PDR recommends having your PDR system fully serviced by an Authorized Service Partner once a year. During this visit, a comprehensive "check out" of your system is performed to include the maintenance and lubrication of your system, minor part replacement, software checks/upgrades, safety checks, as well as the calibration of the controller and temperature devices (Sensors/Pyrometers). This service will ensure that everything is working how it should be and help you to keep your system in good shape for years to come.

For general use, we recommend calibrating the split beam prism once a month, or if you have knocked the prism or moved the system we would recommend checking the calibration. The calibration of the prism takes around 30 seconds and is very simple to do. A split beam optical alignment tool is included with each PDR System sold. Instructions to perform this calibration activity can be found in your PDR manual and/or additional FAQ topics on this website.

PDR can also provide a Calibration Checking Kit which will allow you to calibrate the controller and sensors/pyrometers without a factory visit.  This process is easy to perform and PDR provides detailed instructions on how to do this if you choose this option. Please check with your local PDR Distributor regarding how to obtain a "Calibration Checking Kit"  for your PDR System.