Are software updates free?

Yes... if your firm is on record as the original purchaser of a PDR System, PDR will provide download links to download any patches/updates necessary to keep your original software version running up to date and efficiently.

PDR's Next Generation Software Development Program is constantly producing new features and specialized modules to provide innovative tools to lend intelligence to the rework process. These tools are designed with the specific intent to simplify the rework process for the system operator by incorporating both general and application-specific tools to enhance both the operator experience and ultimately your Organization's rework precision capability. PDR recommends the purchase of PDR's latest software in 2-3 year intervals to take advantage of the latest in PDR Software. Software upgrades are priced reasonably and new features are intuitively mastered by the operator.  PDR also offers online training sessions that are available for new users and/or experienced PDR operators wanting a brush up on Software Features and Best practices.

Please check with your PDR Representative regarding software pricing, online training, and software support.